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real-time data

With Atombeam, you are able to get real-time crop and soil information in enough time to take action.

Agriculture, mining, and oil and gas have one thing in common. Most of the work happens in remote locations. That adds additional challenges when it comes to transmitting data from sensors. Satellite communications are costly. Massive amounts of data from apps is needed in real time, but you feel hampered by cost concerns. You don’t always get all the data you need—when you want it.

advantages for agriculture

With Atombeam, you can obtain real-time crop and soil information promptly enough to take action.


Get All The Data

AtomBeam gives you the ability to install all the agricultural apps you desire.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor soil and crop information in real time.

Increase Yield

With real-time data, you can increase yield and reduce operational costs.

No Programming Required

Data is identified by crop—with no programming required.

Manage Operations Remotely

Remotely manage operations automatically and/or manually.

Prolong Battery Life

Sending less data means that you get instant data transmission while also prolonging battery life.
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