Meet the Family of

Atombeam Products

Atombeam is built for the acceleration of IoT data. Our products increase the security, the range and the effective throughput of IoT data transmissions, end to end, with no noticeable delay nor additional power drain. From an individual sensor, through wide area networks to storage, retrieval and AI model training and processing, maintaining security at each stage.
Neurpac reduces the size of individual machine generated datagrams by an average of 75% in near real time and is not limited by the constraints of compression, which can generally only operate on files that are over 1KB or more in size. It operates effectively on messages 4B or more. This effectively increases the bandwidth of a network for telemetry, tracking and control data by a factor of 4X. In addition, Neurpac natively adds deep obfuscation security. Our long-term roadmap has other benefits that are of interest to the DoD; including intrusion detection.
Neurcom is a complementary technology to Neurpac. Neurcom works on a neural net AI to enhance the capabilities of video and audio codecs to enable greater data throughput while retaining and enhancing the quality of image or audio. Neurcom is still under development with the Air Force Research Laboratory and has demonstrated the capability to approximately double the number of high-density images which are transmitted over the network. The current focus is on SAR (synthetic aperture radar) images. We estimate that Neurcom will be released as a product in late 2024.