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Welcome to Atombeam's Quickstart Connector Guide. The Quickstart connector is a hassle free way for you to experience and evaluate Neurpac Gateway with your own data, without the need to deploy the connector on your gateways. This guide will provide you all the information you will need to understand Neurpac Gateway and enable you to explore all of its functionality, just like you would be using when deploying it in your network.

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What is a Connector?
An AtomBeam connector is a logical aggregation of 1) an Encoder, 2) a Decoder, and 3) a Trainer to create an efficient data communication
and processing pipeline.

The Decoder

The Decoder resides in the cloud where it receives and decodes the transmitted encoded (compacted) data and restores the data back
to its original form, losslessly.

The Encoder

 The Encoder is a software component deployed at the edge. It reduces the size of messages on a streaming basis (encoding) before
data is transmitted over a network connection outside of the edge environment, e.g. over a satellite, LTE, NB-IoT and many more. The
amount of reduction in message size is called the Compaction ratio.

The Trainer

The Trainer resides in the cloud and is responsible for building the Codebooks which are then used by the encoder and the decoder.
The trainer learns from the raw / decoded data the make-up of the data to produce a Codebook which it shares with both the encoder and the decoder to ensure optimum Compaction ratios. This process can be made static: one time only or dynamic: auto adaptive. The default behavior is one time only with user intervention required to initiate new Codebook distribution. The auto adaptive behavior will need to be calibrated together with an AtomBeam engineer based on your specific needs and network environments, especially in asymmetric networks that have such differing upload and download throughputs.

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Atombeam Quick Start Connector​ UI Tool​

The Atombeam Quickstart connector provides a straightforward method for you to try out and assess Neurpac products with ease. You can utilize your own data without having to install the connector on your gateways. Through the user interface, you'll have access to all functionalities, allowing you to observe the data compaction results and the resulting bandwidth savings. ​

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What Will I Be Able to Do with the Quickstart Connector?
To make it easier for the first time users and to provide a convenient way to try out Neurpac, AtomBeam provides the Quickstart connector which mainly consists of a fully functional cloud based data compaction pipeline: an encoder, a decoder, and a trainer. This saves you the need to deploy the connector on your gateway device to become familiar with the Neurpac Interface and try it out on your data as well.

Learn how to operate Atombeam once deployed

By using the Quickstart Connector with the sample data supplied you will be able to work with the AtomBeam UI and see how to manage a
connector from an operational perspective. Atombeam also provides other data sets we have collected from public sources if you want to
explore further before you are ready to use your own data.

Validate how effective Atombeam will be for your specific use cases

With the Quickstart Connector you will be able to validate how effective AtomBeam’s Compaction is on all the data emitted from your edge
locations. You will be able to send historical log data as well as any live sources. You will be able to do this without needing to deploy
software at the edge, instead you can just take the landed data and drop it directly on the Atombeam UI as shown below or use a python
script you can download from the same UI which you are welcome to modify as you see fit. This will show you how quickly it learns about
the shape of your data and the Compaction ratios it is able to achieve. You will be able to download the performance metrics for you to
factor into your business case.
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