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dod overview

DOD has high needs to transmit data in real time to provide the level of safety and security needed.

Remote locations, battlefield situations, combat communications all demand fail-safe transmission. Troop safety depends on transmitting and receiving in real time without data being intercepted.

secure data

With AtomBeam, a 128kbps link effectively becomes 512kbps.

Atombeam effectively quadruples the bandwidth of narrow band RF communications.

Advantages for

Tactical and Mission Critical Communications

You need to enable smart management of resources, and logistics support. Latency in communications is unacceptable when it comes time to manage drone swarms without bandwidth limitations. Real-time transmission makes all the difference when you deploy battlefield sensors to find road-side bombs and the insurgents who plant them.  

Atombeam gives you the ability to reduce the size of data by 70-90%. By reducing data by 70-90% over any network, AtomBeam effectively makes a 128Kbps link work like a 512Kbps link. This means that your transmissions are not constrained by bandwidth. It’s the equivalent of increasing your bandwidth by 4X, without increasing the cost.

Obfuscate Communications

AtomBeam adds an additional layer of security by obfuscating messages including obscuring all header data. Codewords represent data patterns, not letters, numbers or words.

Data Security

Since only small Codewords are sent, standard hacking mechanisms cannot easily see the data.

Encryption Compatible

AtomBeam can be used with encryption with far less encryption overhead due to reduced size of the data being transmitted.

atombeam in action

Potential DoD Uses

Satellite tracking data for personnel and vehicles

Demonstrated reduction of this data can increase effective bandwidth 2-4x with no added hardware.


Faster, more secure data communications; including testing with SAR on our next generation product.

IoT machinery to munitions transport layer

Data moving between munitions and controllers can be accelerated massively over any network.

CJADC2, Link 16

Potential 4x bandwidth, added security, light compute and platform agnostic.

USN tactical data links:

4x bandwidth, added security, fast recovery from errors.​
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