The Neurpac Platform introduces a groundbreaking method for enhancing data transmission throughput from edge devices to the cloud by up to 4X. Using AI and Machine Learning this automatically generates and deploys codewords to be used as a more efficient representation of the data being transmitted from the edge to the cloud achieving up to 75% in bandwidth reduction.


Transform data with Atombeam's codeword technology.

The Neurpac is a cloud-based platform hosted within a SaaS environment, comprising three core components: encoder, decoder, and trainer, pre-configured for seamless integration into your cloud infrastructure. The encoder, functioning as an edge module, encodes ingested data into codewords, while the trainer learns from the data to create efficient codewords. The decoder, a server module, decodes codewords back into their original data form without any losses. Our gateway supports MQTT protocol and can easily accommodate other data protocols to meet your specific needs.


Atombeam effectively quadruples bandwidth of narrow band RF communications.

75% File Size Reduction

Our platform achieves significant bandwidth reduction, making data transmission more efficient.

Real-time Data Transmission

Transmit data in real-time, enabling instantaneous decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

4X Effective Bandwidth

Ultra-fast encoding/decoding translates to four times more bandwidth for your applications.

Cost Reduction

Neurpac extends the usefulness of existing infrastructure and reduces congestion on contended networks such as SATCOM.

Data as Codewords

Utilizes machine learning AI to automatically build and deploy codewords at the edge, replacing data with a more efficient representation.

Neurpac Central

Our user-friendly UI simplifies deployment, allowing users to ingest data and evaluate the effectiveness of Neurpac with ease. Visualize bandwidth reduction and ROI in real-time.


Unlocking Opportunities Across Industries

Discover how the Neurpac revolutionizes data transmission, enabling seamless connectivity and enhanced operational efficiency across a variety of industries, from SCADA systems to satellite tracking.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Ideal for networks monitoring and reporting control systems in utilities, airports, railway, manufacturing, and more.

Satellite Tracking for Personnel and Vehicles

Reduces data sent to satellites and increases effective bandwidth by 2-4X with no additional hardware.
Experience the Future of Data Connectivity
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