Satellite Communications


Transmission of critical business data from remote locations often requires satellite communication.

For many businesses, real-time transmission is essential for operations. But, transmitting in real time over satellite is expensive. Businesses are forced to make tradeoffs between sending all their data in real time versus their budget constraints.

Send your data in real time economically

Using AtomBeam eliminates the need to make tradeoffs between costs and real-time needs. You can send all your data in real time economically. ‍AtomBeam’s ultra-lightweight, efficient compacting technology reduces the data packet. With no need to batch data in order to use compression, your data transmits immediately—with near-zero latency. This allows all data to be transmitted in real time at no additional cost.

Reduce Data Size Immensely

Atom Beam reduces data size by on average 75%, making it possible to transmit 4X the data at the same cost.

Reduce Transmission Costs

Reduce satellite transmission costs by as much as 75%.

Eliminate Retransmission

AtomBeam also eliminates retransmission of most data—keeping costs even lower. By significantly reducing data size, you can greatly reduce the chance of data collisions—reducing the need for data retransmission.
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