atombeam solutions

How It Works

Atombeam revolutionizes data management by employing compaction technology, drastically reducing data size. Even the smallest messages, previously deemed impossible to compress, are efficiently handled by Atombeam. Its effectiveness is particularly pronounced with machine-generated and IoT messages, areas where traditional compression methods struggle due to their size. Operating at the bit level, Atombeam ensures optimal data reduction without compromising integrity.

Data as Codewords

Revolutionizing Real-Time Edge Computing

Data as codewords is the solution to the problems building real-time edge computing applications. Unlike traditional compression or encryption that operates on a file, Atombeam applies offline Al and machine learning to identify patterns in the data, and from this process we build a table of patterns and codewords that represent them. The coding process then replaces each pattern by its associated codeword, in a way that is always and completely lossless, so the actual data is never exposed but is fully and accurately represented. Even small messages that share a lot of data are "compacted" to achieve a very high level of efficiency. While the value of each codeword selection uniquely represents each source pattern, codewords are assigned randomly, not derived from the pattern. That means you cannot deduce patterns from codewords.

Atombeam is pattern-based, not file-based.

Codebooks- an ancient idea, used in a new way.

Codebook is placed in both source and destination.