Smart IoT Applications

future of data

Smart IoT applications data continues to explode as more and more functions are automated with sensors.

Smart IoT applications data continues to explode as more and more functions are automated with sensors. “Smart” is the future and data transmission needs continue to climb every day. Smart cities, smart manufacturing, and smart buildings produce such efficiencies in both energy usage and cost cutting. There’s no going back. AtomBeam enables all the smart apps needed to get the data you want in real time at lower cost.

transform cities

Smart cities bring a new future where living is efficiently managed and resources are used optimally.


Get All The Data

With AtomBeam, you can add all the apps you need—maximizing the benefits of Smart Cities management.

Energy Grids

Optimize public energy grids while reducing costs.

Transportation Systems

Maximize the efficiency of transportation systems (public buses, school buses, police squad cars, motor pools).

Traffic Control

Synchronize traffic lights in real time to adapt to traffic conditions

Urban Restructuring

Make dense, urban environments more livable by providing Smart Parking. Ground sensors allow municipalities to monitor and optimize available parking spaces. Available spaces can be automatically sent as push notifications to drivers looking for a place to park.

Emergency Services

Give first responders the real-time ability to communicate with traffic lights in emergencies. With the ability to synchronize and provide direct access to critical locations, they can have more efficient operations, while increasing public safety.

EV Infrastructure

Be able to identify charging points for electric vehicles, and maximize their utilization.

smart manufacturing

The ability to monitor defects and quality in real time directly translates to factory floor productivity—and the bottom line Smart Manufacturing

The ability to monitor defects and quality in real time directly translates to factory floor productivity—and the bottom line Smart Manufacturing. Smart manufacturing has become manufacturing reality. You want to have real-time ability to optimize decision-making that maintains profitability. You need to monitor the production line in real time to prevent downtime. The ability to monitor defects and quality in real time directly translates to factory floor productivity—and to the bottom line.

Factory safety depends on real-time equipment maintenance. You need to keep the line operating efficiently while complying to all safety regulations.

AtomBeam solves the real-time data problem by reducing data size by 70-90%. This gives you the ability to send 4X the amount of data without increasing costs. Sensor battery life is extended by the reduction in the amount of data being transmitted. Reducing the time on-air reduces the biggest drain on sensor batteries.

Optimize Decision Making

Optimize decision-making and resulting profitability by getting information in real time.

Production Lines

Monitor your production line in real time—being able to respond in real time to line issues.

Quality Control

Control defects and quality by real-time monitoring—being able to respond immediately to issues—cutting losses.

Ensure Uptime

Ensure maximum uptime and factory floor productivity by having real-time access to data.

Operating Efficiency

Keep your production line operating efficiently and safely by getting data in real time

Safety & Compliance

Keep your factory safe and compliant to all safety regulations by real-time monitoring of equipment maintenance and factory safety.

Resource Management

Maximize line uptime by maintaining control of workforce management, logistics and scheduling.

Bottom Line

Maximize workforce labor hours and increase efficiency—with savings going directly to the bottom line.

smart buildings

Smart Buildings are changing everyday reality.

Smart buildings use Internet of Things (IoT) devices—sensors, software, online connectivity to give your organization the ability to manage energy usage in real time. With real-time data, you can make informed decisions. You can reduce costs while also making life more comfortable inside the building(s). You get a clear picture of where the costs come from that show up on your monthly energy bill.

If you don’t know the energy utilization inside a building or across multiple properties, you can’t efficiently manage those spaces. Adjusting your organization’s energy consumption saves costs, and reduces your carbon footprint.

AtomBeam gives you the ability to generate insights about usage patterns and trends. You can monitor building characteristics and analyze the data. Having this data in real time gives you the ability to optimize the building’s environment and operations. The demand for smart buildings is increasing along with a massive increase in data produced.

Reduce Data Size

AtomBeam reduces the size of data on average by 75%. This reduces your costs of transmission. It also extends sensor battery life and adds security.

Manage Consumption

Monitor and optimize space management and energy consumption of your building.

Energy Usage

Manage energy utilization real-time in your building(s).

Boundless Data

Data from smart buildings can be sent over any network.

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization, and building systems monitoring and maintenance is current and future reality. “Dumb” buildings are being phased out

Improve Emergency Response

Manage intrusion detection/security, smoke detection, and smart evacuation in time to prevent or minimize losses.

Reduce Operating Expenses

According to EnergyStar, energy consumption is the largest operating expense—30%—in a commercial building. In order to remain competitive, Smart Building data is only going to keep increasing.
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