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At Atombeam, we're at the forefront of a data revolution. Our innovative solutions redefine how data is managed, transmitted, and stored. Through industry-changing machine learning and artificial intelligence, we're unlocking new possibilities in efficiency, security, and connectivity.

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The Atombeam Story
Without an idea for the software, there is nothing to discuss. Without architecture, you just have an idea without substance. Without translating that idea into a product, the idea never lives in the real world. True satisfaction comes from moving from brilliant idea to a product that users rely on for critical data.

How It Began

Charles Yeomans is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO with many years of experience in technology and finance. Asghar Riahi is a long time technology product specialist with extensive experience in data storage and management at some of the largest technology companies in Silicon Valley. Asghar had developed a revolutionary idea for reducing the size of data that is the first truly new approach to the problem since the first data compression algorithms in the 1970s; his idea to combine codebooks with machine learning was truly novel.

Charles and Asghar live in the same town east of San Francisco and had known each other from their sons having been in the same Boy Scout troop. Asghar asked for a meeting and pitched Charles his idea. Charles was impressed and checked it out with patent attorneys, data scientists at Harvard and Stanford, and agreed to found a company to exploit this extraordinary idea. They formed Atombeam, raised initial funding and quickly added Josh Cooper, PhD, a brilliant mathematician and data scientist who is a professor at the University of South Carolina, as Chief Scientist.  Initial patents were filed, potential customers were interviewed for product market fit and a prototype was built.

Since its founding, Atombeam has been issued or allowed over 45 patents and several major companies have conducted successful proofs of concept trials.