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Oil and Gas Production and Refining

Remotely managing oil and gas production requires real-time information. Transmitting remote production information comes with high satellite transmission costs. It’s expensive to transmit in real time by satellite.

Yet, safety, security, and downtime issues require real-time information. You don’t want to increase costs, so you’re forced to wait for information you actually need in real time. At the same time, you incur latency because compression cannot be effective until you batch enough data.

With Atombeam, you can send all the data you want to send in real time. Atombeam reduces the size of data by 75%. This means you can typically send 3-4 times more data in the same satellite transmission.

Atombeam empowers you to transmit all data necessary with no additional expense. It easily integrates into your satellite modems.


Get All The Data

Install all the apps you need and get all the oil and gas data you need in real time.

Manage Remote Areas

Manage wells in remote areas cost effectively where cellular connections are unstable or unavailable.

Monitor Offshore Assets

Monitor offshore oil and gas rigs, refineries, pipelines, and wellheads in real time.

Reduce Costs

‍Save operational costs with predictive equipment maintenance..

Prevent Downtime

Prevent downtime and safety issues using remote inspection of oil and gas equipment with new apps in real time..

Stay Compliant

Maintain compliance more easily by getting data in real time.

advantages for mining

High transmission costs force mining operations tradeoffs between cost—and safety, efficiency and profit.

Critical mining information sent from a remote location needs to be sent in real time. Satellite packets won’t work because you can’t get enough data into the packets.

High transmission costs make it prohibitive to send needed data in real time. You must wait for information that’s actually needed in real time. This forces tradeoffs between cost and decision-making about safe, efficient, and profitable mining operations.

AtomBeam compacts data by 70-90%, making it possible to send all the needed mining data in real time. Make your satellite transmission costs comparable to a cellular network.


Get All The Data

Add all the mining apps you want and get real-time data while reducing costs.

Ensure Safety

Ensure the safety of people and equipment by adding real-time apps.

Predictive Maintenance

Move from preventive to predictive maintenance—saving money.

Improve Profitability

Improve profitability and operational efficiency by real-time transmission of needed data.

Optimize Costs

Get cost optimization and improved productivity data in real time with no increase in network costs.

Improve Speed

Improve and speed up decision-making.
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