Webinar Recap: AtomBeam and UMKC's Visionary Collaboration

Scaling New Heights in the Future of Data 


Scaling New Heights in the Future of Data 

In a recent webinar, AtomBeam's CEO, Charles Yeomans and leading data compression scientist Professor Zhu Li, PhD showcased a revolutionary collaboration that applies new, cutting edge techniques to sensor image reduction, called Neurocompaction. Professor Li, an eminent expert in sensor image compaction from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), has teamed up with AtomBeam to engineer a major leap forward in sensor image compaction that addresses a major need for this rapidly growing area. Neurocompaction offers double the performance of state of the art compression on sensor images.

The collaboration between AtomBeam and UMKC as AtomBeam’s subcontractor for a U.S. Air Force Phase II effort has opened doors to major possibilities in defense and commercial applications of Neurocompaction. This recently awarded contract is for $1.2 million, of which about $500,000 is expected to be realized in 2023. This contract was awarded in the same month that another Phase II contract, this with the U.S. Space Force and also for $1.2 million, has put AtomBeam on the map for defense applications of its technology.

The webinar also celebrated AtomBeam's recent, highly successful crowdfunding campaign, which has laid the foundation for more ambitious plans. AtomBeam's innovative technology is set to transform how data is managed by every organization on the planet - how it is transmitted, stored, accessed and analyzed. AtomBeam’s Compaction technology has the potential to be used in every device, everywhere. 

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in witnessing the future of data management! Take advantage of the opportunity to watch the exclusive webinar featuring AtomBeam's CEO, Charles Yeomans, and Professor Zhu Li, PhD, as they unveil the game-changing IoT and data compaction trailblazing limitless possibilities in data transmission. 
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