The Evolution of Data Handling

A New Chapter in Data Management

A New Chapter in Data Management

Data has always played a fundamental role in the progress of societies and industries for centuries. From the ancient tally marks used to record food inventories to the groundbreaking cognitive technologies of today, data has evolved in complexity, importance, and volume. Data creation is going vertical, currently doubling every two years. But the process started long ago.

The demand for efficient data collection and analysis processes became increasingly apparent during the 19th century. Herman Hollerith, a visionary inventor of his time, recognized this need and developed the Hollerith Tabulating Machine.

Hollerith’s groundbreaking invention transformed data management by dramatically reducing the time required for census data analysis, eventually leading to the founding of IBM. As society moved through the era of industrialization, the world witnessed another remarkable invention - the computer. This innovation revolutionized data storage, with semiconductor memory chips replacing traditional vacuum tubes used on machines like the Hollerith Tabulating Machine. As computers gained popularity and presented an increasing number of data sources, the demand for even more storage grew.

The rise of computers was a pivotal moment in data management. During this period of technological advancement, memory chips started replacing traditional vacuum tubes used in machines such as the Hollerith Tabulating Machine. With computers becoming more widely used and the number of data sources multiplying, the need for extra storage space became evident. This era of computing is a unique age in itself, separate from the era of industrialization, and it greatly influenced how we handle and store data.

The 20th Century Digital Frontier Into The Future

The significant transformation driven by the internet began in the 1970s. This pivotal development laid the foundation for the subsequent internet explosion. The 1990s marked a time when the internet's impact on the world became even more pronounced. It brought forth an enormous surge in data volume and types and introduced a new set of tools for collecting, utilizing, and analyzing this data. It was during this era that the concept of big data gained prominence and laid the groundwork for the emerging field of data science, aiming to create improved tools for managing diverse data types.

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