AtomBeam Aims to Solve the Machine Data Crisis

How our fully integrated software can address the rapidly growing challenges associated with machine data.

At AtomBeam, we use our patented machine-learning technology to make data transmission faster, more cost efficient, and more secure.

While this might sound complex, and from a technical standpoint it is a wonder, understanding what effect it has and why that is important is not hard to grasp: our software reduces, or compacts, the size of machine data files in real time by 75% or more, enabling you to make better use of your existing bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. There is no other way known to us to reduce machine, or IoT, data in real time without investing in hardware, and any software can be massively more cost effective than investing in hardware to achieve the same result. Think of the cost of launching 4x more satellites, upgrading cellular networks, adding more capacity to private networks - if the option to upgrade software to achieve the same result is open to you, at a fraction of the cost, you have to look into it. 

In today’s investor article, I am going to cover how our fully integrated software can address the rapidly growing challenges associated with machine data.

As Data Volume Grows, Networks Are Feeling the Strain

The demand for machine data is growing rapidly, with 90 zettabytes of data estimated to be generated in 2025 (IDC). To put that into perspective, the storage capacity of all the data centers in the world combined is estimated to be 2 zettabytes (Statista). Something has to give. 

The amount of IoT data transmitted over the internet is growing so quickly that some networks are experiencing mounting pressure, slowing down and even becoming overloaded - and this is becoming increasingly costly for end users. Moreover, the need for remote connectivity (think ships at sea, mining operations in distant locations, trains and so forth are fueling demand for expensive satellite connectivity for IoT. Massive amounts of data need to move in robots, in autonomous cars, from spacecraft as well as from more mundane devices, like weather monitors and refrigerators. Machines increasingly talk to machines. The metaverse is here, and it will be - in fact already is - a massive producer of IoT data.

In addition to these serious issues, security problems are also prevalent in IoT devices. 98% of IoT data is unsecured, yet surveys consistently rank security as one of the greatest concerns (IoT Now, Kiuwan).

A Compact, Integrated Solution

At AtomBeam, we have constructed a highly innovative ecosystem of computational paradigms and algorithms we call Compaction to shrink data as it is generated, in real time, by IoT devices. No other software can do this and maintain near-zero latency, real time data transmission. This is a fundamental, transformative technology with very wide implications.

Compaction reduces the amount of data that needs to be encoded and transmitted by an average of 75%. Combined with ultra-light, ultra-fast computation speed, Compaction is 400x faster than data compression, and the average effective bandwidth of any IoT connection is multiplied by a factor of four. For an IoT user contemplating a major investment in hardware to improve data rate, like launching a new constellation of satellites, Compaction can be a massively cheaper, more easily achieved option. For anyone paying for metered connectivity, AtomBeam can mean a 75% reduction in an important cost. We have been actively engaged with enthusiastic companies in the medical, defense, automotive, space, logistics, mining, oil & gas, transportation, aeronautical, blockchain, cloud service provider, heavy equipment, manufacturing, consumer electronics and many more industries, with more on the horizon. The number and variety of prospective beneficiaries of AtomBeam technology is enormous.

AtomBeam makes it simple to test your data with our technology, and integration on most devices is straightforward. Once in place, Compaction operates invisibly to the end user, whose only experience will be a turbo boost of speed. Compaction also addresses the severe problem of IoT security; 98% of IoT data is unsecured, a major and growing problem. AtomBeam not only, in one step, compacts IoT data but it also adds security, which can be tuned to a high or moderate level to meet user requirements.

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