$2.5M+ Raised: AtomBeam Backed by 1,260+ Investors in First Round

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When we raised our last round of funding for AtomBeam, I was optimistic that we could raise $300K from investors - we blew that number out of the water by 800%!

If you’re familiar with us, you know that AtomBeam came out of stealth last year and exceeded all expectations in regards to our first equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.

If you aren’t familiar with us, then consider this a brief introduction to our company and previous traction. 

We’re Back for Round Two

Our first campaign was a great success, with over 1,260 investors backing our company’s innovative software: a total of $2.5M+ raised.

Now we’re back to give you another opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what could be a massive investment opportunity.

Our second round of funding is currently live, and we are seeking like-minded investors who are interested in getting in early and helping us grow. Consider this a chance to be a part of a business with data transmitting and storage software that could improve existing technology all around the world. 

The Future of Data Transmission and Storage

AtomBeam is a software company with a ground-breaking, patented approach to data that could change the way most digital data is transmitted and stored.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it easier than ever for people to collect and access data about the world around them. With the advent of IoT, more and more devices are becoming connected to the internet, including computing, automotive, satellite communications, manufacturing and much more.

In short, there’s a device for everyone, and increasingly, everything is becoming connected. Machines talking to other machines is big now, but in the near future, it will be all-encompassing. The metaverse, the fourth industrial revolution, self-driving cars - the future is all about machines talking to other machines.

AtomBeam’s innovation is rare in the extreme; our technology is profoundly fundamental, is patent protected and offers such powerful, unique benefits to users of machine generated, or IoT, data. This is not a cool analysis tool, or something incremental; for many prospective users, AtomBeam’s Compaction represents the ONLY way to solve their connectivity problem short of costly hardware upgrades or untenable connectivity costs. Compaction has the potential to be even more important and widely used as Bluetooth; it is how machines can talk to each other in real time, securely and ultra-efficiently. AtomBeam is the future of machine data.

Join AtomBeam’s investor community on StartEngine

Now is the time to invest in a company that is innovating at the forefront of an exploding market for IoT connectivity anticipated to reach $693B by 2028 (verified mkt rsch)

In case you missed our last round, we encourage all of our supporters to visit our StartEngine raise page and join us as an early investor.

We look forward to keeping you updated with plenty of business updates and milestones along the way!